Monday, July 20, 2009

First Post!!

Hi Everyone!!

Ok, so I guess I have a blog now. I still have been fighting the Facebook thing, although I have to admit that I saw all the people in my family alone that are on there when my mom signed up and I was quite shocked, and softened just a little toward the possibility of signing up. But only a little!

Well, since the first people I'm going to send invites to are friends and family, I guess the rest of this post will just be updates and pics. Giovanni is doing fantastic! He is in summer school right now which he loves, and when he officially goes back in September, he will be in the 1st grade. His progress is amazing! He has been reading on a first grade level for a while now. He loves to read almost as much as I do, and it is really good because reading definitely helps him to understand things better. Here are some pics of him from his first 2 week vacation of the summer - we took him to mini golf, and to the aquarium, bowling, the zoo... all kinds of fun stuff.

I've been up to the same old same old... looking for a job again - ugh. But I'm enjoying having some time to relax, and enjoy the summer with G! Talk to you all soon!

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