Wednesday, July 22, 2009

G's 1st class trip, etc

Ok, so today was Giovanni's first ever class trip without Mommy or Grammy attending. Let's discuss nervous. But, I checked out everything to make sure I was comfortable with it before agreeing to let him go, so I was just Mommy nervous, not so much like, Oh my god I hope my kid makes it home in 1 piece nervous. Anyway, they went to Insectropolis. It is exactly what it sounds like. His teacher is usually really good about taking pictures of the things the kids do, and then sending home copies, so hopefully, I will either get pics later this week or next, or I will get a little album with pics of all the summer stuff at the end of summer school in 3 weeks. Either way, as soon as I have pics, I will post them. So, he went and absolutely LOVED it. He was able to tell me about all the bugs he saw, and the bees, and how he saw bees in a bee hive that looked like a vase, and he got to see inside an ant hill. He told me how ants have their heart in their butt, and then, to my shock and horror, he got to PET the bugs. He got to pet a scorpion (aaah!), a SPIDER named Fuzzy (he thought it was just hysterical that I was so freaked out by this), and something named Spike. I can't understand exactly what it was, and he doesn't seem to know - he said at first that it was a fly, but I can't see how that could be possible, so I kept asking and Spike has been a fly, beetle, mosquito, and pretty much every other flying bug, so I'll have to send a note into the teacher. She said he did really fantastic on the trip, and had a blast, which was clear when he got home.

Oh, I forgot to tell you how the morning started off! So, Mom was helping him to brush his teeth, and I ran in to use my bathroom before taking him down to the bus. All of a sudden I hear a bit of commotion, something gets said about spitting, and then they are discussing his mouth bleeding, and holding a towel there to get it to stop. So I about kill myself getting off the toilet and bolting for the other bathroom, only to get there and find my son, happy as anything, huge grin, now minus one bottom tooth. LOL - so this is his 3rd lost tooth, and I'm almost ready to head in there now and slip a dollar under the pillow...

These pics are not from his trip, but I found some pics of Insectropolis just to show you what it is. Enjoy the buggy goodness!

Live display

Furry mud tunnels.

Insects on display.

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