Friday, August 7, 2009

Aquarium Pics - Finally! :)

Ok, so I am late with everything (as those of you who actually know me can vouch for), so I'm now really late getting these pics up, lol. G loves to learn, he loves fish, animals, birds, lizards - anything that's alive really, so these kinds of trips are great for him. Enjoy the pics!

Here is G at the touch pool - he is so brave! They had a giant starfish, some kind of coral thing that was really cool, and then a really large snail type thing in a beautiful shell - he loved them.

G as a seal!!

G loved the alligators - it started raining really really hard while we were there, and the thunder agitates them, so the alligators started roaring like dinosaurs - it was so cool!

Seals! They were a lot of fun. We watched them get fed, do tricks, and get their teeth brushed!

Of course they had penguins!

Just amazing and beautiful - it was a really good time. He has 2 more weeks off this summer before he goes back to school, and we have some really cool things planned, so more to come later!

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