Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So long with no updates...

Hey Everyone!

Sorry its been so long. I had told you before it was my allergies beating me up - well, they still are, but they decided to evolve into allergies/upper respiratory infection - yay! So needless to say I've been fairly miserable, taking meds, and trying not to infect the baby.

Today he is going on a class trip to Jenkinson's Aquarium, so I will have some pics to post later. We took him earlier in the summer, and he is so excited to go back! He has been doing really well. He is getting close to his next birthday, and he seems to be getting so mature. It's really amazing. And he tells me he loves me all the time. He is very thoughtful, so like if I were to make him dinner, and I made something he really liked, or did something interesting when plating the food like make it into a shape or something, he jumps up, big hugs and kisses, "Oh Mommy I love you so much. Thank you for being so thoughtful to do this for me." I'm like you're not even 6 - I know adults who aren't that polite and thoughtful, lmao.

We got together with Dylan and Julian the last 2 days since they are here on vacation. Everyone had a blast - the kids are SO grown up! Especially Julian - it's just amazing! I remember when Aunt Lorainne and Uncle Bruce had something to do, and we took the boys. Julian was a baby and was totally attached to his Mom - until they came to stay with us and I couldn't so much as go to the bathroom without him freaking out and crying HYSTERICALLY. And now here they are - driving and going out on their own. Amazing. And they are great with G - he has such a blast when they are here. We got some really good pics - I promise tonite I will post pics of Jenk's and of the boys all together. Have a great day!

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